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What we have: 2X Corner pieces, 1X Armless, 1X Ottoman. New, right out of the box. 


Timothy Oulton's Cloud collection is based on a simple idea: that today’s real luxuries are moments, not things; when we feel ourselves truly alive, and when we deeply reconnect with one another. The collection encapsulates this idea through the whole process. The Noble Souls upholstery collection has been coloured using special dyes that are 100% organic, extracted naturally from different plants, using dye extraction techniques that are hundreds of years old. Deep in southern China, the elders grow the cotton on the mountain which is spun then dyed by hand using Indigo. The yarn is then woven by hand on large looms to make the fabric. This modular sofa collection is considerate of the environment and the makers without compromising on quality. Ultrafine goose down feathers fill the sofas, creating a super soft sinking feeling but also provides support from the areas of densely packed feathers. Create your own bespoke sofa by pairing the modules together.

Restoration Hardware Cloud Sectional by Timothy Oulton, 4 Pc

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