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Our Policy:

Consignors can begin the consigning process by emailing photos to  Including information such as brand, date of manufacture, purchase price, and any other provenance that may be helpful in pricing items for today’s used market


If your items are accepted for consignment they can be delivered to the SECOND glass roll up door on the right side of our building. Pull forward to the door and park, staying tight against our building (it’s a shared alley). If a staff member doesn't come right over and open the door, walk around through the front door or call 510 647 5042 to let us know youre there, and we will assist you. 


Members of our team will work with you to determine a reasonable retail price for your item(s).  Bay Home’s terms are a 50/50 split, with a six month contract to sell your items; markdowns will be determined solely by the management of Bay Home. Discounting of items will depend on the interest, condition and salability. If items are not sold within six months, consigners have the option of picking up their item(s) or Bay Home may donate them.  This choice is designated at the beginning of the contractual period.  Once your items have sold, consignment checks are mailed out the first week of the subsequent month.


We will not consign the following items: Kitchen appliances, utensils, ceiling fans, bathroom accessories, window coverings, beds, bedframes, bedding, or mattresses, or outdated media cabinets. We will look at furniture with minor damage or wear and vintage pieces in need of refinishing if the design and quality merit investment for resale.

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